Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

EM - Soccer-Fun or (online) War of Nations?

First: Sorry, if this soccer dress really exist
. This entry won't be any offence against any team of the world. I just choosed this pic because it fits according to the topic.

Second: First I really thought to write this all in German, because it seemed to be an Austria - Germany problem. But probably it is not, so this should be written in English to compass more people.

I am not really interested in soccer. It is great that there are so many fans. It must be cool to have a favourite soccer team, to watch every game excitedly.

In my opinion simply the best team should win, no matter where the players are from and also no matter for which country they are playing. Although I can not really comprehend why people stick to a team just because it is the team of their home countries, I can understand this behavior.

But what I can't understand and what makes me really thoughtfully is that many people seem to forget that soccer is just a GAME and nothing more than that.

I do not write about hooligans (they are worth to start an own topic). I write about the many people in different online forums for example, who abuse and deride whole nations just because of soccer games.

Best example: Austria and Germany.
Did anybody really think that the Austrian team could win? I did not and it was 100% okay for me.
But many of such online forums are full of words of hate.
It reminds me of some comments at youtube, where people from all over the world fight in written form.

The obscenities are personal and inmature. People call others dumb, bad, ugly, retarded (seems to be word No. 1 at youtube...), etc.

Why is there so much hate? Are these people so bored? Don't they have any friends and family?

It seems to me that many people use the internet just to unload their frustration and anger about the cruel real world anonymously...

Like Austrians and Germans are often called Nazis at youtube (just because they dare to upload a dubbed video for example - what a crime!), they fight against each other at soccer forums (also at other forums of course).

Has this to be?

Can't we all just have fun with soccer and celebrate commonly, no matter who won?

Don't forget: If a team wins, the team has won, not the whole nation!

So do not make sport to war of nations!

The personal obscenities are just immature. There is no better or more clever nation!

We are all individuals, so there are people of each character, intelligence, etc. in each country of the whole world!

So stop this hate and enjoy soccer, youtube, etc. again as what it has meant to be: Fun for each person of the world!

The problem with war of nations occur also with the media. So Austria is the country of looking away people for example and world wide forums discuss about our bad, bad nation.

Hello? Crimes like the case Amstetten can happen in each country of the whole world and probably has already happened everywhere.
There are good and bad people in any nation of this world!
It is sad and terrible enough that such things even happen, it does not matter where they happened!

So stop nationalism, patriotism, racism and understand: we are all children of this world. The "good ones" should stick together, no matter where they are from!

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Atiqah Rahman hat gesagt…

Hello.Its good to be natural. :)
Thanks for your comment in my blog. Really appreciate it you come visit my blog even though its not in English (the only language that we both know). I don't speak German. I'm Malay. Nice blog here.