Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

We Will Rock You

WOW...I saw this masterpiece yesterday at Raimund Theater in Vienna and I am still speechless!

Incredible artists and stage design, amazing music and show. Fanstastic story and message, and a wonderful homage to great Freddie Mercury.

I am not able to find the right words to describe this unique musical, I just can tell that it is my favourite. I have never seen a comparable show.

The homepage for more infos:

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

Capturing Memories of Crete and Santorini

Photographing is another passion of me. Of course it could never replace real, personal memories, which are coming from the heart, but they can support them in some way.

I have always loved to photograph. I would not say I am really good, but it fills my heart with joy and this is the most important.

Below you see some few of my "captured memories" of our past vacation in Crete and our day trip to Santorini. More will follow.

Some Words to my Beloved Ones

I would like to thank all the lovely people who are always there for me.

My family, especially my mother and sister.

My boyfriend, whom I love with all my heart.

My wonderful friends. I would not like to lose anyone of you.

And all other people who give me so much every day.

I love you all and I am glad that you are part of my life!

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008


Thinking about our society often makes me very sad.

What's up with this world?

Why is there so much hate, envy, violence and coldness? Why there are so many people just living for their personal well being?

"Values" of today's society seem to be richness, success in job and a body which would be described as perfect by the media.

Material things are much too overrated these days. Many people forgot that they can't make them really happy.

We should aim at a more human society. Human beings should be taken as more important. Values should be peace, loyalty, friendliness, respect, fairness, openness, helpfulness, honesty, liberality, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, equality and equation.

Each human being should have the same rights, the same chances to live a healthy, good life. It is clear that not everybody can earn exactly the same, that would be unfair. But the minimum wage should be high enough to be able to do more than just to survive.

Another problem of this society is the constraint of so many people to deploy classifications, stereotypes and categorizations. We must not judge and also adjudge a person before knowing him or her. Persons should be judged because of their individual character. And the personality developed from many factors, like education, the social environment, personal experiences and others. You can't tell something about a person's character just because of his or her gender, age, origin, culture, religion or color of the skin. We are all individual human beings with a complex personality. It would be too easy to explain characters just because of some few facts you know about them.

Live and let live should be another value. Each human being should have the right to believe in and do whatever he or she wants to, as long as he or she doesn't harm him/herself or other people.

I do not want to proselytize anyone. I just want to give some of my personal thoughts of making a bit better and more peaceful world.


Music is another passion of me. I love listening to music, it makes me happy, relaxed, excited and sometimes also meditative.

I love different kinds of music. Mostly it denpends on my mood what I am listening to. I could not really say this or that is my favourite style or artist. I like so many styles and so many artists. But I do not like all songs from certain artists or styles. I am a bit complicated *g*

Generally I love rock from the 50s, 60s and 70s very much. In my opinion music was still music in these decades. Today there are to many wanna-be artists, who do not have any talent but although sell CDs...

But I would not say that there are just bad artists today and there where just good ones in earlier decades. Although I think that there were more good ones in the "good old time".

I love rock generally, also newer one. I also like punk, classic and hard rock.
There are also many great metal, rap, hip hop and gothic songs. I also like some RnB sounds and others I could not really allocate to a certain music style.

I really, really love latin music, of course. I love Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and others. There are so many fantastic latin american artists I love listening to.

I also love many songs of this so called "world music". I have some samplers from Putumayo, they are really great. Have a look at the nice page:

Sometimes I also love to listen to oriental music. But I have to admit that I do not know many songs yet.

So, after reading that you have to think "Oh my Goodness..." (or similar)"... she is listening to everything! Give me back my two minutes!" (sorry I can't)
Yeah, it really seems so, but it is not. A song has to touch me in a certain way. If it does not touch me, it is not worth listening again to me.

For example I can't do anything with this typical Austrian radio charts. There are just a few nice (not more) songs, the others are just well marketed cruel melodys of selected bands or winners (or also runner-ups) of strange talent shows.

I really can't understand, that there are people who answer the question what music they like proud with "I am listening to radio charts". Maybe in other coutries you still find real artists in the charts, and not mainly marketed ones, but in Austria music seems to have died some time ago.

But that all is just my personal opinion. It is a matter of taste and luckily tastes are different. How boring if we all would listen to the same song, wear the same clothes, drive the same car. Let's just be individual and free.


One of my passions is travelling. I love to get to know different countries and cultures.

Until now I haven't seen many countries, as you see above, but I hope to visit many, many, many more in the future.

I love Latin America, so it is one of my dreams to visit the countries of Central and South America one day. I could also imagine to stay there for a time (or even longer ;) - time will show) to work there.

I would also love to visit many other countries, like Arabia, Australia, Egypt, Finland, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey and USA for example.

Postcrossing Forum

There is also a Postcrossing Forum to send unoffical cards in the course of tags, trades, RRs or others. You can find it here:

Trough this forum I have got to know some very nice people from all over the world. Postcrossing is also a great way to find penpals.

Above I posted a map of official and unofficial received cards during my year and three months at Postcrossing.


Postcrossing is one of my hobbys.I love it, because it is a great way to get to know different people of all ages, countries and cultures.

Here you find some information about the great project:

Blog Language

As you have certainly already noticed, my English is out of praxis, but I hope it will become better soon.

For this reason not all entries will be in English. I will post some in my mother tongue German and maybe also in my "learning language" Spanish.

Only Paradise - The Blog Adress

So why this adress?

I choosed it for two reasons.

First, each of the six or seven adresses I really tried were already used.

Second, after trying some other crazy adresses I noticed that this could be nice.

I think most of us are looking for the personal paradise. But sometimes we look for it at wrong places. I think you can find your paradise everywhere in this world. It doesn't depend on your living place, your income or similar things. It does depend on the love you have to give and the people in your life.

So enjoy your life, take time for your beloved ones and make the best of every day.