Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008


Thinking about our society often makes me very sad.

What's up with this world?

Why is there so much hate, envy, violence and coldness? Why there are so many people just living for their personal well being?

"Values" of today's society seem to be richness, success in job and a body which would be described as perfect by the media.

Material things are much too overrated these days. Many people forgot that they can't make them really happy.

We should aim at a more human society. Human beings should be taken as more important. Values should be peace, loyalty, friendliness, respect, fairness, openness, helpfulness, honesty, liberality, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, equality and equation.

Each human being should have the same rights, the same chances to live a healthy, good life. It is clear that not everybody can earn exactly the same, that would be unfair. But the minimum wage should be high enough to be able to do more than just to survive.

Another problem of this society is the constraint of so many people to deploy classifications, stereotypes and categorizations. We must not judge and also adjudge a person before knowing him or her. Persons should be judged because of their individual character. And the personality developed from many factors, like education, the social environment, personal experiences and others. You can't tell something about a person's character just because of his or her gender, age, origin, culture, religion or color of the skin. We are all individual human beings with a complex personality. It would be too easy to explain characters just because of some few facts you know about them.

Live and let live should be another value. Each human being should have the right to believe in and do whatever he or she wants to, as long as he or she doesn't harm him/herself or other people.

I do not want to proselytize anyone. I just want to give some of my personal thoughts of making a bit better and more peaceful world.

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MC hat gesagt…

Great post!
You're completely right with what you're saying!