Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008

Only Paradise - The Blog Adress

So why this adress?

I choosed it for two reasons.

First, each of the six or seven adresses I really tried were already used.

Second, after trying some other crazy adresses I noticed that this could be nice.

I think most of us are looking for the personal paradise. But sometimes we look for it at wrong places. I think you can find your paradise everywhere in this world. It doesn't depend on your living place, your income or similar things. It does depend on the love you have to give and the people in your life.

So enjoy your life, take time for your beloved ones and make the best of every day.


ketan hat gesagt…

I am not able to understand the language but the pics which u blogged speaking a lot gr8 blog

My World hat gesagt…

Thanks for your nice comment! :)