Freitag, 22. Februar 2008


Reading is another passion of me. I love to submerge in the world of a book. If I have enough time and a novel which touch and grip me, I spend nearly whole days just reading. In my opinion reading is so much better that watching TV, because the movies in your mind are the best ones.

I love many kinds of books, as with music, they have to touch me in some way.
Generally I prefer historical novels, but I mean really historical ones with a at least almost authentic storyline. I do not like cheesy fictitous love stories of kings and countesses. What I really love are middle age novels which are set in England. Rebecca Gable is a very great author of such stories. Sad that her wonderful novels seem to be only avaible in German. I hope that they will be translated soon.
I also love thrillers and books which tell me something of different countries, cultures and religions. I also like family sagas, but they should have an interesting background.

Some of the following entries will describe some of my favourite books, in no particular order. Because I am really bad at plot writing and would probably tell you too much, I use the descriptions of,, and the official homepages of the authors.

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